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Welcome to World Missions!


What comes to mind when you think of missions? Missionaries? Trips to far away lands? Maybe you think missions is for adults only? Or maybe you think “missions isn't for's for someone else”? Take a few minutes to review and explore the mission related opportunities offered by Owego Naz and Nazarene World Missions below. You may be surprised at what you discover!


Simply put, intercessional prayer is power. Please be praying for our Links Missionaries Hope and Nate Owens, our pastoral staff and mission council members. One great thing about prayer is anyone can pray, almost anytime and almost anywhere!


Christians sharing their spiritual and life experiences with others encourages and strengthens others as well as increases their understanding of God's word. Helping with Vacation Bible School (VBS), Kidz Summer Mission Sunday School Lessons and Work and Witness Trips, both home and abroad, are common examples of discipling.


Each of us is unique as God has blessed each with different resources such as gifts (abilities), amounts of time and/or finances. Sharing one's resources through missions is a great way to honor Jesus. Owego Naz has many varied mission opportunities for which we would gladly accept whatever you feel God is wanting you to share!


In the US, we are blessed to have an almost infinite number of ways to share information, both via traditional means like TV, radio, printed material etc. as well as technological ways such as texting, Facebook, websites and email. Many of these technologies have not yet reached other countries. Taking new technologies like the DVDs and projectors provided by Jesus Film Harvest Partners (JFHP) to other world areas greatly expands the number of people that can be reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ.


What's next?


Hopefully you have a better understanding of not only what missions is but the opportunities that await you. Jesus said missions is for all believers...including you. Won't you join us!