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What We Believe

We believe…

In one God,  existing eternally in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

In Jesus Christ, who is the ultimate revelation of God to humanity; God Incarnate. He died and rose again to open the way to salvation and relationship with God to humanity

In the Holy Spirit, who dwells with believers, convicts of sin, and sanctifies believers to live holy lives, pleasing to God

In the Scriptures, Old and New Testament, which are fully inspired by God and contain all the truth necessary for human beings to find a saving relationship with God through Christ, and instruction for moral life in the Spirit

That Christ has established the Church as the universal fellowship of his people to join in God’s mission of redeeming all of Creation

That human nature is inclined toward sin, and that sin has corrupted human’s ability to have a relationship with God

That God is loving and just, and forgives those who repent of their sin through the atoning work of Jesus Christ

That Christ’s work was sufficient for the entire human race, and whoever believes, confesses their sin and repents will experience salvation

That through God’s grace and the filling of the Holy Spirit believers are able to live in victory over sin and have their minds renewed to be solely devoted to the Lordship of Christ

That one day Christ will return and gather his Church to himself

In the sacraments, or means of grace, of baptism and communion, or the Lord’s Supper. We urge all believers to practice these sacraments as a means of publicly declaring the Lord’s work in their lives and to experience God’s grace through public confession and worship