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Pastor Phil grew up in the Philadelphia, PA area. As a kid, he loved to be outside and engaged in sports and other activities. He attended Eastern Nazarene College (B.A. - Biblical Literature), and met and fell in love with Laura, who he married in 2011. He continued his education at Boston University School of Theology (M.Div) and was on staff at the Wollaston Church of the Nazarene for six years before answering the call to come pastor at Owego. Pastor Phil and Laura both love their big dog, Wolly.

Some of Pastor Phil's hobbies include: fishing, reading about history and theology, writing, hiking, watching and playing sports (especially soccer), and eating Mexican food and lobster.

Pastor Phil is passionate about preaching the Word and helping people to realize its life-changing power. He loves experiencing and seeing the Kingdom of God entering into our reality in the here and now through acts of worship, service and love. And he's passionate about journeying alongside other pilgrims and hearing their stories of God's work in their lives as we seek to accomplish God's will together and for His glory.