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JESUS Film Harvest Partners (JFHP)

JFHP currently works in 139 countries using 290 languages and has 608 registered teams who show the JESUS Film to local communities "in country" to evangelize and win people to Jesus.  Jesus Film equipment is comprised of a backpack, DVD portable projector & screen and battery power supply.  The purpose of JFHP Work and Witness trips is to deliver the JESUS Film equipment, show the local teams how to use the equipment, participate in the showing of the JESUS Film and witness to the attendees.  A JFHP mission trip sometimes also delivers ARK portable buildings or provides a small motor bike for transportation.

JFHP Trip to Brazil (October, 2019)

Five adults and 2 teens from across 4 different churches in the Upstate New York District embarked on a JFHP trip to Brazil this past week.  Following is the first update from Larry Warner regarding the trip (light editing for readability).

Friday, October 25, 2019:

(JFHP ARK Building similar to the one Owego Naz had a few years back for Faith Promise)

Larry and Carolyn with team of 7 representing 4 Upstate District churches have delivered a JFHP ARK Building to Natal, Brazil.  Friday we participated in a JFHP Jesus Film ministry in a small rural community 157 km from Natal which saw 25 adults accept Jesus and we handed out about 30 Salvation bracelets.  Also, we explained the 5 colors of the Salvation bracelet to about 20 children and gave each a Salvation bracelet.  A local Nazarene pastor will be following up with all these contacts.  

Saturday we travel to another small rural community to help with a home renovation, and participate in a JFHP ministry and worship service. 

Very warm here but keeping hydrated and all are well.  Praise the Lord for all his blessing to local folks, local pastors and their teams, and to our team from NY.

Larry Warner

Updated October 26, 2019 11:26AM EDT