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WORK & WITNESS TO JAMAICA – August 7-17, 2019

Burnt Savannah, Jamaica

Important Information:

  • Trip Dates: Wednesday, August 7- Saturday, August 17, 2019
  • $100.00 non-refundable deposit needed by March 1, 2019 to hold your seat on the airplane. This money will be applied to your final airfare costs. If you cancel, it will not be refunded back to you UNLESS we are able to fill your seat.
  • Completed forms needed with the deposit:
  • Short Term Mission Trip to Jamaica
  • Work & Witness Team Member Information Sheet (even if you don’t have your passport number yet)
  • Unaccompanied Minor Form, signed by parents, if you’re a teen travelling without parents
  • IF YOU NEED A PACKET OF INFORMATION WITH FORMS, OR HAVE YOUR DEPOSIT AND FORMS COMPLETED, please see or return to Karen Browne, Nancy Kemp or the church office.
  • You must have a passport to travel to Jamaica. If you don’t have one, please fill out the Passport Application and go to a post office that processes applications or go to your County Clerk’s office.

                  Passport Costs: 

                                         $110.00 16 years old and older (lasts for 10 years)

                                         $ 80.00 15 years old and younger (lasts for 5 years)

                                         $ 25.00 Execution Fee

                   It takes 4-8 weeks to get a passport – do not delay!


  PLEASE NOTE: If you currently have a passport, make sure

it is not going to expire within six months of travel date.  You 

will be denied entry into Jamaica.

  • No shots are needed
  • To get in touch with Lori & Brad:

email –, 607-342-8172 (Brad cell)

       From February-March – see either Karen Browne or Nancy Kemp at Church

        if you have any ??


August 20-30 2018 Team Members: Connie, Denise, Lori, Brad, Milt & Nancy

The following 2018 trip summary was provided by Brad:

We met with the pen pal group at Burnt Savannah, approximately 32 children. We handed out their pillowcases and wrote thank you notes for our kids at Owego.

We ran a children’s program at Burnt Savannah for approximately 40 children. We handed out school supplies, books, tote bags and salvation tracts.

We built solar cars with a group of about 15 children at Burnt Savannah. They got to keep the cars and take them home.

Denise gave guitars lessons to 4 different children at Burnt Savannah.

Four sewing machines and material were purchased with the VBS money. Approximately 25 uniforms were made for the more needier children in the church and community by Connie and Nancy and Jamaican women. The total goal was 40 children’s uniforms.

We ran a children’s program at Castle Mountain Nazarene Church for approximately 35 children. We handed out pillowcases, books, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and salvation tracts.

We ran a children’s program at Mt. Carmel Nazarene church for approximately 35 children. We handed out pillowcases, books, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and salvation tracts.

Nancy and Connie tested approximately 75 adults and children for blood pressure and diabetes. This occurred at Burnt Savannah, Castle Mountain and Mt. Carmel churches.

Milt continued with construction at the Gamertsfelder. Offices are being built in the basement for dental and primary care. We helped with painting. Tiling was also done at the preschool and night school facilities.

We ran a devotional program before the Sunday morning service at Burnt Savannah. At the end of service, the finished uniforms were handed out, along with some school supplies.

Lori taught 2 moms and 3 daughters how to make paper bead bracelets. They were then left with enough supplies to make more as gifts or as a fund raiser.

Denise gave a presentation on self care and Nancy gave a presentation on diabetes, to a group at the Burnt Savannah Church.

Nancy and Connie helped to organize medical supplies that will be distributed to clinics or kept at the Gamertsfelder.

There was extra school supplies, books, and pillowcases to be taken to the Mandeville area Nazarene churches.

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