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Fawn Grove Compassion Center 

Friday August 3 - Saturday, August 4, 2018 

The FGCC in Fawn Grove, Maryland assists those in the US and abroad who have experienced a disaster.  They collect, sort and ship new /gently used clothing as well as Crisis Care Kits and educational supplies.


Fawn Grove Team including FGCC Staffer Sharon (pink)

Fourteen adults and 2 children made the Mini-Work & Witness trip to the FGCC Friday, August 3 - Saturday, August 4, 2018 a great success.  The rainy weather and resulting floods tried to keep us from our goal but we arrived safe with time to spare.  Friday evening, we had a great meal at Hershey Farms and capped the night by taking in the "Jesus" production at Sight & Sound ( Sight and Sound - Jesus ).  We overnighted at a nearby hotel, and traveled Saturday morning to Fawn Grove for a day of sorting and packing clothing.  We packed 48 boxes of clothing; lots of infant and small children's clothing this time.  We began our return late Saturn afternoon and arrived tired but safe around 10PM Saturday night.   


There is something for all ages and abilities at the FGCC

Please contact Sherry French ( for more information. 

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     BEFORE: Bags of clothing ready to be sorted and packed                                     AFTER: Banana boxes full of clothing ready for shipment