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Fawn Grove Compassion Center

Friday May, 19 - Saturday, May 20 2017 

The FGCC in Fawn Grove, Maryland assists those in the US and abroad who have experienced a disaster.  They collect, sort and ship new /gently used clothing as well as Crisis Care Kits and educational supplies.

We are in  the planning stages for a trip to the FGCC Friday May, 19 - Saturday, May 20 2017 to sort and pack clothing for shipping to the next disaster.  The current itinerary is to  travel Friday, have a buffet dinner and take in a Sight & Sound production of the story of Jonah( Sight and Sound - Jonah ).  We would overnight at a hotel, and travel Saturday morning to Fawn Grove for a day of sorting and packing clothing in the room our church recently renovated.  We would begin our return late Saturn afternoon.  

How can you help?

  • Pray that we have a successful and safe trip.

  • Deposit clean used / new clothing in good to excellent condition in bags in the Owego Naz Fellowship Hall Foyer.  The clothing can be for any gender, age or season but can not contain graphics or lettering depicting political, national, religious or similar subjects.  Please drop off clothing by Tuesday, May 16, 2017.

  • Attend or financially support someone who is attending the trip.

Please contact Harold Woods ( for more information.

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Please go to the following link for more info on the FGCC:


     BEFORE: Bags of clothing ready to be sorted and packed                                     AFTER: Banana boxes full of clothing ready for shipment