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Thank You Church!

Because of your generosity for the Advent Offering, Owego Naz was able to provide $9,000 to NCM for the Clean Water initiative!  These funds will go along way towards providing clean water for our brothers and sisters around the world.  If you still wish to give, it's not too late just make sure you mark your offering for "Clean Water" before dropping your offering in the plate.

Advent Offering:  Clean Water 

Do you appreciate clean water?  I mean REALLY appreciate it?  Not only bottled water, which we expect to be good and clean, but water that actually comes out of the faucets in our homes and public places.

Many countries in the world do not have access to clean, safe water.  Parts of our own country are hindered by droughts, but they still have water available one way or another.  For example, in some parts of California they have a special faucet in their kitchen that has pure water for drinking, cooking, rinsing dishes, brushing teeth, while the other faucets in the house have impure or maybe even “recycled” water that they use to bathe, wash clothes and vehicles, and flush toilets.


In other countries, the first problem is accessibility to water.  They often have to walk for miles (more than once a day) to get water, and then they have to carry it home.  Read the story about the woman at the well with Jesus (John 4)… she had to fetch water for her family.  The task of fetching water usually falls to the women and children, hence the lack of education for many children.

The second issue is that often the water that is available is not good.  The water is stagnant or carries sickness, and the people get sick or get injuries and then cannot heal without good water.  

Here are actual observations by some of our Owego Naz folks on Work and Witness trips in the last several years:

1)  In Liberia and Kenya, people draw water from hand pumps over deep wells, but they are the only sources of water for miles around.  Think:  time and energy to obtain the water.

2) In Zambia, the Kanyama Community School managed by a Nazarene Church share a 5-gallon bucket of water with a filter for 1600 children daily.  Think:  water shortage.

3) In Papua New Guinea, the Kudjup Nazarene Mission Center uses large tanks to collect runoff rainwater from roofs, pumps it into homes, and then filters it before human consumption.  Think: impure water.

4) In Chile, which is a modern country, they often use open rooftop cisterns to collect and store drinking water, and then pipe it into the homes.  Think:  animals and insects.  

The next time you take a drink of bottled water, or turn on your faucet for running water, think:  CLEAN WATER.  Ahhhhh.

For more information, please visit Nazarene Compassionate Ministries at the following link:

Please prayerfully consider what your offering will be toward this important cause next Advent season.

Updated: 1/11/2019 at 7:11AM