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September 22, 2018

 An Alabaster church in Jamaica

September 23, 2018 we received a special love offering for "Alabaster".   This money goes directly to purchase land, build churches, missionary/pastor homes and Christian schools. We compiled a list of typical building materials and their prices so you can get an idea what it costs to build a church.  (You can also see the display in the church foyer)

Sample supplies:                                        Cost per unit:

Concrete block                                                        $1.50

Bag of cement                                                        $2.75

Exterior brick                                                            $.75

Electrical outlet box                                                 $2.32

16-penny nails                                                        $3.68 / pound

Sheet of dry wall                                                     $8.25

Dry wall tape                                                          $3.98

Joint compound                                                     $15.48

Sheet of metal roofing                                            $37.52

2x4 stud                                                                 $2.75

2x10 framing board                                                $12.67

4x8 strand board                                                    $23.67

14/3 gauge electrical wire                                       $82.96

Exterior door                                                        $184.00

Window                                                               $157.00

Prayerfully consider what you will offering will be.  If you still wish to give, you can place your offering in an Alabaster box or in an envelope marked "Alabaster" and drop either in the offering plate.  

Thank you very much for continuing to show your support for this worthy cause.

Updated September 25 at 8:21PM EDT