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February 23, 2019

 An Actual Alabaster church in Jamaica

One hundred percent of the Alabaster money goes directly to purchase land, build churches, missionary/pastor homes and Christian schools.  This past September 2018  we received a special love offering for "Alabaster".  For that offering, we compiled a list of typical building materials and their prices so you could get an idea what it costs to build a church.  The money you so generously donated as individuals and teams was the most Owego Naz has ever raised for a single Alabaster offering and, as a result, the equivalent of 4 walls, two windows and a door were provided!


           The hypothetical church built with your September 2018 Alabaster Offering!

For our February 23, 2019 Alabaster offering, we are praying you will again team up with other family members, Sunday School groups, Prayer Groups, Ministry Groups etc. to put a roof on this hypothetical church building.  Following are the approximate costs of the roofing supplies:

Sample Roof Supplies:                                   Cost per unit:

Sheet of metal roofing                                           $37.52

2x4 stud                                                                $2.75

2x10 framing board                                               $12.67

16-penny nails                                                        $3.68/pound

Electrical outlet box                                                $2.32

Sheet of dry wall                                                    $8.25

Dry wall tape                                                         $3.98

Joint compound                                                    $15.48

4x8 strand board                                                   $23.67

14/3 gauge electrical wire                                      $82.96

Prayerfully consider what you will offering will be.  Thank you very much for being a mission-minded church by continuing to show your support for this worthy cause.

Updated February 10, 2019  at 7:00PM EST